About Project

Regional, comparative, and cross-country research project “Representation of Gender Minority Groups in Media: Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia” is realized by: Faculty of Media and Communications from Belgrade in cooperation with regional partners:

  • Faculty of Dramatic Arts from Cetinje and
  • Coalition for Sexual and Health Rights of Marginalized Communities from Skopje),

with the support of the RRPP Western Balkans program of the University of Fribourg and the Swiss Development Agency.

This project is a result of a partnership between three institutions and the team of individual researchers. The mentoring partner institution of the project is the School for Slavistic and Eastern European Studies of the University College of London (SSEES, UCL) which holds the twentieth place on the Shanghai ranking list. Based on the same methodology, but taking into account the societal, cultural and political characteristics of these different, but in many ways related, societies our research is focused on the role of the media in the process of protecting human rights of gender minority groups in Western Balkans.


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